Frank Lagrange

Daniel Thorne's fence. Whatever you need he can find. He's like Santa without the beard.


A fairly unimposing figure, you wouldn’t know Frank was worth millions to look at him. When he’s not chain smoking he’s either eating or sleeping, and typically wears a black leather jacket and cowboy boots.


In and out of trouble as a kid, Frank learned early on he wasn’t cut out for the heavy lifitng involved in a life of crime. Or, more to the point, two stints in juvie convinced him he wasn’t much of a thief. The skills he learned on the street proved to be useful as he found his calling in fencing stolen goods. Originally from St. Louis, he relocated to KC to escape his past and start fresh. Having the unique blend of street and sophistication to ingratiate himself with both the criminal element and socialites makes him the ideal person to act as a go between for these worlds. If you need it, he can get it. For a price.

Frank Lagrange

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