Catherine "Eclipse" Ibbins

Daniel Thorne's sire. Art (and Undead) collector.


Eclipse is beautiful in the sterotypical Toreador ways: well groomed, graceful, well educated. She had long black hair that typically is held back with a diamond crusted hair clip.


Growing up with a silver spoon in your mouth in KC is akin to being the lid on the garbage pail, a stark fact that Eclipse realized at an early age. In her mortal life she devoted herself to the study of visual arts, specifically oil paintings. When the chance to become Kindred presented itself, she jumped at it, mostly because it would give her plenty of time to amass the best collection of paintings in the Central time zone. She loves to entertain and surrounds her self with things and people who amuse her. The Toreador higher ups don’t agree with how cavalier she is with distributing her blood but, as long as she maintains the Masquerade, no harm no foul.

Catherine "Eclipse" Ibbins

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