Nosferatu Primogen of the Kingdom of Perdition


Desire prefers to hide in the shadows, but rumors swirl of deformities that would make a normal Nosferatu blush.

Distended, sabertooth-like fangs, four arms, one eye, no teeth, and a hair-lip that reaches to her forehead are all descriptions that have been attributed to Desire at one point or another.


What can any Kindred truly know about a Nosferatu?

Desire, in particular, is as secretive as a Tremere, and very little is known about her life. In fact, the saying “desire always finds you first” has been applied to the Nosferatu Primogen so often that even elder Kindred have been known to wait “to be found first.”

Rumors swirl about Desire, most of which have been disproven repeatedly by skeptical Ventrue, and yet her legend continues to grow. She is said to know secrets that have forced her to seclusion to avoid the grasp of greedy Tremere, and knowledge of Gehenna that Prince Gabriel desires greatly.


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