Justine Primrose

Primogen of the Toreadors of the Kingdom of Perdition


Justine is the leader of the Harpies, and is a frequent visitor to the Prince’s Court. Small, lithe, and extremely fair of face, Justine has broken more than a few hearts—and drained them dry.

As Primogen of the Toreadors she is a frequent organizer of approved Elysium gatherings, many of which are held at her club, Trinity.


Justine’s flirtatious manner and fair looks have served her well over the years, and she has come to used he charms to gain a position of high authority in the Kingdom of Perdition. Gabriel has been observed asking her advice on issues of etiquette and even interpretations of the Seven Traditions, going so far as to overrule other Primogen in her favor.

Despite what many Kindred believe, Justine’s good looks and laissez faire attitude hide a shrewd and determined personality. Just ask the old Toreador Primogen—if you can find him.

Justine Primrose

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