Sir Bugsby

Malkavian Primogen


Bugsby is a small figure with shoulder length, dirty blond hair. Small, “mousish” and prone to rants, Bugsby has been seen frequenting Elysium wherever he chooses—whether or not he has been invited.


Prince Gabriel has often been heard quipping that “working with Malkavians is like hearding cats,” an expression that Bugsby would most heartily applaud—while eating a cat.

No one knows how Bugsby managed to gain his station, but his thoughts on the matter are widely known and laughed over within Kindred circles. He seems to enjoy the role of Primogen, even going so far as to annoint himself with the prefix “Sir” (which he quickly reminds forgetful Kindred who don’t address him properly).

The other Primogens and elders of the city seem to view Bugsby with a degree of reticence, though they have never gone so far as to purposely anger him. Whether they owe him favors, or merely don’t wish the inconvenience of an angry Malkavian, for now his presence is tolerated, if not desired.

Sir Bugsby

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