Henry Monroe

The Seneschal of the Kingdom of Perdition.


Henry Monroe is and elegantly dressed man, who appears to have been embraced in his early 30’s. He has smartly styled, short brown hair and green eyes.

He serves as the Seneschal of the Kingdom of Perdition, and right hand man to Prince Gabriel Vihn.


Monroe serves Vihn faithfully, and seems to enjoy more trust and freedom than many Princes would grant their Seneschals. Indeed, in many cases Monroe has been witnessed correcting the Prince, or even telling him to calm down.

Henry seems skeptical of the Prince’s stated belief that Gehenna is imminent, though he has never stated any disagreement publicly. In fact, despite occasionally seeking to calm his hot-blooded prince, Monroe has rarely been seen to voice any disagreement with how Vihn chooses to conduct business.

Henry Monroe

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