Gabriel Vihn

Prince of the Kingdom of Perdition.


Gabriel Vihn serves as Prince for the Missouri half of Kansas City, which he affectionately refers to as “The Kingdom of Perdition.” He holds court regularly at the Jacobs Tower, which functions both as a central trading hub in the financial quarter, and as an invitation-only salon for the rich and influential.


Gabriel relies heavily on his Seneschal, Henry Monroe. So much in fact that many wonder if Henry might in fact be the true power behind the throne.

Recently rumors have begun to swirl that Vihn has developed an unhealthy obsession with signs that he believe point to the coming of the apocalypse—Gehenna. While many scoff (behind closed doors), Vihn seems quite convinced not only of the imminent arrival of the Time of Thin Blood, but also in his destiny to lead the Kindred through these dread times. To this effect he has deployed the use of questionable childers to unearth facts concerning this alleged destiny.

Gabriel Vihn

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