Kansas City Nights

The Plot Thickens

A few nights after the meeting with the Prince, Adeline wakes to discover the police at her door. They question her about the night a few days earlier, where someone matching her description was seen burying a body. Coming up with an alibi on the spot, she tells the cops she was with friends the night in question and send them off with a promise to call if she thinks of anything more. Shooing them out the door she decides to take a break from investigating the whereabouts of her sire and drives to Club Trinity, where the Primogen of the Toreador has requested a meeting with her.

There, she meets a new Kindred named Daniel Thorne, who has also been invited to meet the Primogen, Justine. Daniel, still finding his bearings after a spirited evening of breaking into his sire’s domicile, hopes to find information on why he seems to be black listed from all the local “fences.” While there, Adeline and Thorne are both invited to an art exhibition that Justine is hosting at Brookside Art Gallery in two nights.

Meanwhile, Vivane, who has requested additional funds from her sire, Danith, is shocked to learn that he no longer wishes to speak to her. She is distracted, however, when she gets a call from Tawny asking Vivane to join her at a Gangrel gathering. Tawny picks up Vivane and they drive to the southern slums of the city where they witness a great bonfire and several dozen Kindred. There, they meet the Primogen of the Brujah, Claymore, and the Primogen of hte Gangrels, Johnson Eagle. Also present is Mel, and the three of them are asked to tell the gathered Brujah and Gangrel about the oddities of the Prince (specifically his questions to the Malkavian). After addressing the crowd a strange Kindred named Renee Whitcomb takes the stage and tells the assembled throng that if they are fed up with the irregularities and unfairness of Prince Gabriel, that her mistress, the Prince of the Seventh Province of Sky on the other side of the city, would welcome them with open arms. Johnson seems amendable to the idea, but Claymore refuses to desert the Kingdom of Perdition at this time.

Afterwards the three are introduced to the most illusive Primogen of them all—Desire, leader of the Nosferatu, who tells them that the odd rectangular cards they found on the vanquished Ghouls were talismans that allowed the holder to receive orders and direction from a far off source. Direction that they would have to follow whether or not they liked it.



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